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Explore 20 Best Medical Store Software in India for 2024

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Table Of Content
Medical Store Software Buying Guide
Medical store software & Its Importance
Problems Faced Without Medical Store Software
Why Do You Need These Softwares?
Scope of Medical Store Software
Benefits of Medical Store System
Must have Features of Medical Store Software
Top 5 Software for Medical Store system

Medical Store Software Buying Guide

This is the digital world, with lots of tasks to be done! And to get the optimum results, we need to stay fit. To stay healthy, people spend tens of thousands of dollars on medicine. The retail pharmacy business is one of the least affected by the recession because it has been around for a long time. Also, as a startup, your local customers are your best brand ambassadors. You need to use the best pharmacy management software to run your business.

Medical stores are looking for accurate and reliable services that they can use to help their customers and employees. Every store is trying to get more computerized to serve their customers better. The medical store management system allows the store manager to keep track of and manage everything in the medical shop.

Medical store software & Its Importance

Medical Store Software lets the people who work in the medical store do their jobs more efficiently and organized. This also helps figure out how well the store is doing. The medical store management software can keep track of things like tablet information, billing, stock information, and other daily tasks. The medical store management software lets the store keep track of details about the stock it buys and the stock it sells to the customers.

Every time a sale is made, this software automatically creates a bill. It also produces reports for customer details, sales, and stock. When this system is used, it takes less time and effort to manage the medical store's inventory. It also cuts down on the hard work of keeping records on paper. With this system, managers can easily keep track of their suppliers' information and rate them whenever necessary.

When a medical store uses a management system, it helps the staff do their jobs better by giving them information about the medicines and where they are in the store. The medical store management system makes it easier for medical stores to keep track of their paperwork, payment information, and inventory online and get them back.

Problems Faced Without Medical Store Software

Problems happen in every kind of business. Most of these problems involve money, suppliers, customers, and billing. Aside from this, a medical store owner must deal with many fundamental problems, such as problems with employees, problems with stock, and rules and laws from the government. It is not possible to handle all these problems correctly by hand. You can do this by combining your business with medical software. Without software, any medical shop had to deal with the following issues.

  1. Expense issues
  2. difficulties with inventory
  3. Concerns raised by customers
  4. Employee management challenges
  5. Challenges due to Government Regulations
  6. Problems with infrastructure and service provision
  7. Problems originating from wholesalers and suppliers
  8. Difficult to manage Expiry date of Medicines

Why Do You Need These Softwares?

The management of a medical store is a time-consuming and challenging job. When the proprietor of the medical business continues to use the outdated manual labor pattern, the situation becomes more difficult. Adopting software designed explicitly for medical stores provides instant relief to pharmacists. 

Overall, it shortens the time the pharmacist needs to devote to checking the prescription, which enables them to devote more of their time to the activities offered by the store. As a result, your organisation will be given more consideration and access to the most efficient management systems, which will aid in strategic planning for the future.

Several tools may be used to fix issues in the company. Accounting, invoicing, inventory management, and even re-management are all within the scope of the software's capabilities. Therefore, the software facilitates store management and equips you to dominate the medical industry. Therefore, Medical Store Softwares are crucial if you want to improve your medical company significantly.

Scope of Medical Store Software

The Scope of the Medical Store Software is as follows:

  • It lets customer bills be made automatically.
  • Having track of information about suppliers is pretty easy!
  • It can also take care of the customer and employee databases.
  • It also helps determine where the specific medicine is in the medical store.
  • This system makes it easy to track and organise information about medications.
  • It saves time that can be used to keep records and handle payments for the stock.
  • It helps keep track of the medicines in stock and ensures they are always up to date.

Benefits of Medical Store System

The software makes the business process clear. It also brings in more customers and makes sales. Here are the benefits of Medical Store Management Software for any business.

1. Customer Satisfaction

The medical store software ensures that every transaction is correct and done quickly. All of these things improve the service at the medical store, which brings in more customers and enhances the reputation of the medical store.

When customers are happy, the medical store gets a better name; more people tell their friends about it, more people choose this medical store over others, and more money goes into the bank. The link is very logical.

2. Barcode Labels

The label is put on the products before they are sent to stores. It automates medication labelling and prints expiry dates with the help of medical store software.

3. Better productivity

Provides the users with the ability to manage patient profiles, control processing and invoicing, improve the efficiency of their workflow, handle accounts receivable, manage claims, and manage inventory management.

4. Drug Documentation

It maintains a database of drug profiles containing information such as the constituents of medicine and possible alternatives.

5. Recognize Expire Items

The medical software system is a great way to run a business because it doesn't bill for products that aren't being used. It also tells the staff about expired medicines and helps the owner buy new items.

6. Cost Effective

The Medical Store Software saves the medical store time and money by cutting down on the number of people who need to work on the system and enter data and paperwork by hand. This means that mistakes made will be fewer!

Must have Features of Medical Store Software

Medical Store Software is a control system that manages and monitors all aspects of a medical store's operations. It is essential to maintain order and precision with the data. There are a few components that contribute to the overall dependability of the system. Here are some other crucial features of Medical Store Software:

1. Inventory Management System

The Medical Store Management software performs an audit trial. Also, it keeps track of how many drugs there are. The inventory yield ratio also goes up because of the process. Medical Stores' owners can make decisions based on the facts. So, the software lets people keep track of their supplies and inventory. A unique dashboard runs the centralised Medical Store Inventory Management. It links ERP, online stores, and marketplaces.

The inventory system is linked to the software used to run warehouses. It also adds different SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) codes for different items. Stocking inventory takes as little time as possible with the software. Users can add, change, or eliminate many products at once. A sound stock system keeps people from getting too many drugs. Medical stores can keep track of how much of each drug they sell. It gets rid of messy Excel sheets. The software makes the stock situation completely clear.

2. Supply Management

Integration between wholesalers and medical stores makes it easy to place orders. The medical store management system sets up when medications need to be reordered. Reordering lets you know about restocking. Pharmacy POS also decides how well a product works. The system has plans and discounts for people who want to reorder.

A supply management system can also keep pharmacists informed and in order. At some point, the stock falls to its lowest point. The system keeps computerized records of demand and supply for inventory. It is a way to improve performance through planning. The system decides how long resources will last. 

3. Real-time Synchronization

The best medical store management system doesn't have any technical problems. It also keeps the system from crashing. Software for retail and medical stores needs to be able to sync real-time synchronize, such as price updates and auto-program updates. The software helps people talk to each other in real-time. Healthcare providers talk to each other to make their businesses run better.

The functionality also lets them serve patients and keep an eye on them. Also, the real-time inventory update makes it possible to create reports. The software also tells you about your real-time costs, sales, and profits.

4. E-prescription

Electronic prescriptions are a part of the medical store management system. They're made with the help of EHR (Electronic Health Record). E-prescriptions are simple to use and eliminate the need for paper prescriptions. Also, they keep patients and the store's owners from getting mixed up. With an e-prescription, there are no mistakes in medicine delivery. 

E-prescriptions make using data to run a medical store even more critical. You can also get information with just one click. SMS or email are used to send electronic prescriptions. It also keeps track of a patient's medical history, which gives real-time data. It can run more than one store at the same time. The system makes teams more productive and gets patients more involved. It is also cost-effective and makes running a medical store easy. It works well for small and medium-sized medical stores.

5. SMS & Notifications

The medical store management system keeps track of when all medicines will expire. The system also sends an automatic alert to the pharmacist when a drug is about to expire. When the medication is needed, it sends a message immediately. The SMS is sent to the patient after they buy their next dose. These features make the patients safer. It also lets you know when stock is running low or needs to be restocked.

The delivery notifications for sales strategies are also sent to vendors. With regular updates, pharmacists can talk to their patients. Customers are happier when they get push notifications and alerts on their own. Pharmacists are also told if a patient needs a refill. The attribute also makes communication easier and gets patients more involved. 

6. Reports & Analytics

The medical store management system makes reports to see how well the wholesales are doing. Reporting and analytics help prepare for the need for drugs before they are needed. The stock is also taken care of by itself. This part works out how many medicines are required. It also gives a full report of what the medical store did for business.

Also, the reporting function makes sales reports for classifieds. They are also organized by type and by-product. For marketing, the management system makes reports that are specific to each business. So, decisions are made based on meaningful insights. The information is also needed for keeping track of things and doing audits.

The system keeps track of information about patients and how drugs get to them. Also, when Revenue reports are made, sales and purchases go up. Reporting also helps people follow the law and check to see if there are problems in the system. The feature determines how well the business is doing and builds a budgeting plan. So, it's possible to get new ideas and find patterns that don't seem right.

7. Centralized Database

Data is a crucial part of running a medical store. Also, a centralized database keeps all patient information in one place. The medical store management system makes it simple to find information. It also keeps track of records of transactions. The system makes sure that no data is lost. It also stores information about drugs and medicines. So, the setup gives information about the availability of drugs.

A centralized database also makes it easier for patients to access their data safely. The system makes it easier to look for data. The dynamic system cuts down the number of workers. Also, the centralized system makes it possible to make drug reports.

The system gives businesses the tools they need to run smoothly. With real-time data analysis, it also lets you see everything about your inventory and sales. The system makes it easier to decide how to keep medical records. Even for organizations with small databases, the centralized database works well. It lets the people who work in a medical store talk to each other.

8. Restore & Backup System

What happens if the data suddenly disappears? The business may stop running suddenly. Data is always at risk, including patient records and inventory. With a restore and backup system, you won't lose data. This system gets rid of technical mistakes and lets you get data quickly.

The medical store management system has backup schedules that are set up automatically. Data backups are done regularly. A Data restoration service also makes sure that the data is safe. It also keeps the business from stopping and starting again. The medical store management system is an opportunity for growth. A perfect system also has no limits on how much data it can back up. So, the alert system tells you that the backup was completed successfully.

9. Customer Management System

Customers are an essential part of any business system. Patients must be taken care of automatically by medical store management systems. CMS also keeps track of the information about each patient. Also, it is a flexible solution that brings in new customers. Customer responses and feedback are held in a well-organized CMS. So, pharmacists develop business plans for medical stores to meet customer needs.

Small and medium-sized medical stores can do well with a customer management system. It has a nice-looking interface that is easy to use. The system also makes it easy to find your way around. It automatically updates the list of patients after every change. Also, it makes it easy for pharmacists to get information quickly. The system manages multiple patient profiles. So, it can be used to control a patient's therapy.

10. Integration with Third-party Software

Back-office operations are handled by integrating with software from a third party. It makes it possible for data about prescriptions and inventory to flow smoothly. Prescription drug monitoring programs work with pharmacists. Integration of EHR and EMR to get to patient records. Integration of e-prescribing software to keep track of medical receipts.

POS (Point of Sale) integration makes it possible to keep track of sales and manage inventory. Integration of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) makes it easier for patients to talk to pharmacy staff. For order management, the medical store management system works together with DHL.

The system also sends messages or alerts about delivery. The third-party software makes things easier to see and understand. They take care of payments that are due and insurance claims. The solutions improve how well medical stores do their jobs. It makes the process easy to deploy in an IT setting.

Top 5 Software for Medical Store system

Here are the top 5 software used in medical store systems. Let’s find out!


Vyapar is GST billing software with modules for small businesses to use for accounting and managing their stock. It lets you make bills that follow GST rules and send them to your customers in real-time. It saves your account in the system so it can be used for accounting in the future. Vyapar Software lets you choose a bill or invoice in the GST format. It also enables you to select a bill or invoice in the Tally accounting software format, making it easier to do business with your partners.

You can manage your inventory with Vyapar accounting and GST software. You can check on the status of your stock in real-time, and you can also set up alerts for low supply. With Vyapar Online Accounting software, you can look at your inventory and see how fast goods sell. You can keep track of your whole inventory and figure out how much it's worth by using information like batch number, date of expiration, date of sale, etc. Get a better handle on your stock and track where it is.

Benefits of Vyapar

Here are some benefits of why your business should use the Vyapar app.

Instant Inventory Status Checks

With Vyapar's complete inventory management system, you can keep track of your stock and get alerts when certain items are running low. You can make it easier to buy things and keep track of all orders and inventory in a single digital platform.

Payment Recovery System

Vyapar sets up your payment gateway for billing. This GST app tracks overdue bills and invoices to boost cash flow. Vyapar sends consumers payment reminders, increasing your collection rate. You can use its straightforward payment recovery mechanism to reduce debt.

GST Billing with Tax Filing and Reporting

Invoices affect brand identity. Vyapar lets you prepare GST bills according to Indian law. Small businesses can share GST invoices and accounts online and offline. The Vyapar free mobile app can print more than 10 GST bill forms and templates in different sizes, and GST reports are downloadable in several sizes. With this accounting software, you can track goods and service tax and maintain your cashbook up-to-date to generate accurate reports quickly.

Features of Vyapar Software

Here are some of the features of Vyapar software.

1. Quotation

With Vyapar's built-in accounting software, you can create estimates for quotes. With a few clicks, you can fill out your needs and get a quote for the things you need. Vyapar makes your business look very professional by letting you turn your estimated needs into a bill.

2. Order Tracking

Businesses can make sales or purchase orders and track them from beginning to end. Users of Vyapar software can choose from many GST sales order and purchase order formats. It makes your business flexible enough to work with different vendors and saves you time so you can focus on taking your business to new heights.

3. Accounting

Take control of your business's spending and keep an eye out for where you can save money. Make a balance sheet to learn more about your business. The Vyapar GST software makes it easier for you to keep your books. You can trace every bill of your business, as it records every sale and purchase. It also helps you make tax statements for the deals you make.

4. Proof of Delivery

The software makes delivery challans and affixes them to your shipments. It uses the delivery challan to create bills you can send to your customers and vendors. The software also monitors delivery confirmation documents and checks to see if customers have written reviews about each product.

Vyapar Pricing

Vyapar software has a free plan for mobile users. Even though the version is free, it has all the essential features and full customer support. The premium version for mobile users starts at Rs. 299 for three months and syncs your business across all devices.

The Vyapar desktop app has plans that start at Rs. 1,999 per year and include a one-month trial. Also, for Rs. 2,399 per year, you can get a version for both desktop and mobile.


Medicin is web-based software for medical stores that follows all GST rules and regulations. The software works with the e-way billing system and comes with its own PTR calculator. The PDC and sales dashboard module that Medicin offers makes it easy for its users to run their businesses. Owners can send invoices to their customers directly from the software via email or SMS. Customers can also get loyalty cards from them. The medical store management system can be used to run 11 sales counters at the same time. It works with barcode readers. It also works with external biometric devices, which makes it easy for business owners to keep track of employee attendance and payroll every month.

Benefits of Medicin

1. Digital Dashboard

The software has its digital dashboard, which lets managers keep an eye on how much cash is coming in and going out and how many customers and vendors are doing business with the pharmacy.

2. Systematic Sales

The medical store management solution uses the LIFO and FIFO policies to choose the right batch of medicine. When a bill is made, it also shows when a set will run out.

3. Maintain Separate Folders

Pharmacists can keep a list of all the medicines they sell in a separate folder. So, they can keep an eye on how different medicines are made and look for alternatives when the right one isn't available.

Features of Medicin Software

Here are some of the features of Medicin software.

1. Billing & Invoicing

For billing, the software works with the E-way system. Admins can also change 33 different types of Medical Store parameters.

2. Sales Management

Administrators can make sales bills and challans for each party, add terms and conditions, give discounts, etc.

3. Loyalty Management

Using Medicin, owners of Medical Stores can make loyalty cards for their most loyal customers, which they can then use to give them discounts.

4. Employee Management

The medical store management system works with biometric devices outside the store, making it easy for the owners to keep an eye on their workers.

5. Batch and Expiry Date Tracking

Medicin sends real-time alerts to the counter staff to tell them which medicines are past their expiration dates.

Pricing of Medicin

For a single user, the basic plan for medicin costs Rs.7,000 annually. Customers can ask for a callback, and our team of experts will call them back at the time and date they choose.


eVitalRx is cloud-based pharmacy management software that helps pharmacies, medical stores, and e-pharma businesses do everything they need. It allows pharmacies to run their business well, from keeping track of inventory and billing to collecting payments through the web and a mobile app.

Chemists and medical stores use the EVitalRx pharmacy management system to take orders offline and online, keep an online database, make useful sales reports, and track expired medicines. It is a management system that runs in the cloud so that you can run your pharmacy business anywhere and anytime.

With the help of EVitalRx pharmacy software, a pharmacy can add an online sales channel. It lets medical stores automate POS tasks, process and print bills, and keep track of customer information. It combines all the operations of a drug store into a single workflow to make the sales process quick, easy, and cheap.

Benefits of eVitalRx

  • It takes care of your pharmacy's needs through an integrated workflow system.
  • Automation and real-time updates make your pharmacy business work better.
  • The eVitalRx CRM module helps you find and keep loyal patients.
  • It allows users to track medicines that are about to expire or have already expired.
  • POS solutions, barcode scanning, and automatic billing sped up the sales process.
  • It helps store and get online pharmacy records, inventory data, and other databases
  • It helps manage daily tasks related to employees, suppliers, and customers.
  • It has a module for advanced business analysis that helps with reporting.
  • It is a cheap solution for pharmacies that requires less money upfront 
  • The eVitalRx app lets people stay in touch with their business no matter where they are.

Features of eVitalRx

Here are some of the features of eVitalRx software!

1. Inventory Management

Manage your inventory smartly with new tools like Auto Min-Max and Margin Analysis.

2. Digital Short book

Manage items to be ordered digitally and efficiently with tools like Order Assistant.

3. B2B Marketplace

Ordering medicines to Distributors directly from software is free, and you can get amazing discounts.

4. Staff Logins

Set up different logins for each staff member and give them the permissions they need to have better control.

5. DigitalRx

You can take online orders from your customers using the eVitalRx Patient App.

Pricing of eVitalRx

eVitalRx price details are available on request with our product experts, who will assist you at every stage of the software purchase. The price of eVitalRx in India can change based on how it is customized, what extra features are needed, how many users it has, and how it is used.

C Square PharmAssist

One of the best Pharma ERP software for drug wholesalers and distributors is C Square PharmAssist. Pharmacy management software has a robust system for managing distribution that pharmacy distributors can use. It makes it easier for business owners to run their wholesale and distribution businesses by giving them an edge over their competitors.

The pharmacy software has an easy-to-use interface that helps business owners and employees organize their daily tasks, like picking up and delivering packages, tracking shipments, etc.

The C Square PharmAssist pharma ERP software also has other benefits, such as quick billing, a scientific and organized way to organize stock, and faster stock clearance and delivery. Following the best practices of the medical distribution industry, C Square PharmAssist helps make daily tasks easier.

Benefits C Square PharmAssist

Here are some of the benefits C Square PharmAssist software:

  • Better oversight and control of daily operations
  • Handling many stock items in a smooth way
  • Scheme management that works well and efficiently
  • Periodic reminders to deal with expiring items
  • The better revenue collection system

Features of C Square PharmAssist

Here are some of the features of C Square PharmAssist software:

1. Financial Management

The software keeps accurate records of expenses and income.

2. Sales Management

The software helps business owners manage their sales with features. It helps in generating quick invoices for the pending customer.

3. Value Added Features

The software has extra features for market intelligence that help improve the way business is done.

4. People Management

C Square PharmAssist helps companies keep track of all their employees and vendors in the right way.

5. Purchase Management

This distribution management software for the pharmaceutical industry helps manage stock and other purchases for new items.

Pricing of C Square PharmAssist

The price of C Square PharmAssist software depends on the size of the business, the modules needed, the number of employees, etc.


hCue pharmacy software makes it easier for pharmacists to do their daily work. With this software, pharmacists can run multiple stores at the same time. The return and exchange feature is easy to use with the hCue pharmacy software.

This hCue software can be used as a web app or a Windows OS program. So that people can use them the best way possible. With more than 1500 users in India, this software is one of the best Point of Sale programs, especially for pharmacies. This software has features like being ready for GST, taking care of stock, and managing users. This software will be one of the best online programs for managing a medical store and will have many valuable features.

Benefits of hCue

hCue Pharmacy Software has a lot of benefits for organizations that use it. Here are a few to help you understand the product better:

  • Easy to Use Layout
  • Total Personalization
  • Fast and effective response
  • Effectively Scalable SaaS Model
  • Boosts the company's bottom line
  • Superior Military Grade Protection
  • Assures Satisfaction for All Customers 
  • Module for Trustworthy Tax Administration
  • Better business judgment using real-time analytics
  • Further Clinic Administration and Coordination in Response to Inquiries

Features of hCue

Some of the incredible features of hCue are mentioned below:-

1. Scalability and adaptability

hCue's GST-ready SaaS Pharmacy Software can facilitate organizational shift and helps in cost savings.

2. Security

To ensure that your data is always secure, "Data is Never Lost" employs military-grade encryption.

3. Analytics & Reporting

The Medical Store Analytics engine provides insightful analytics, and the platform also includes a customer relationship management system.

4. SMS Marketing

Chemists can use text messages to promote their shops.

5. Email Marketing

This software works with email services to help you market and reach out to new customers more effectively.

6. Payment Gateway Integration

The hCue Medical Store Software is ready for GST and connected to Tally Accounting.

Pricing of hCue Pharmacy Software

The cost of hCue Pharmacy Software depends on your pharmacy's size and how many changes you want to make.

Parting Words

We now know how essential software is in every industry. But it becomes even more critical to how the medical and pharmaceutical industries work. Why is this the way it is? It's essential to keep this in mind, which will help you choose the right medical software.

The software gives the best workflow analysis for the business of the medical store. Because medical software isn't just based on buying and selling drugs. In addition to healthcare, there are connections between many other facilities, such as accounting, billing, expiry, and reordering. Medical software has all of these features and makes these tasks easier by doing them automatically.

Medical Store Softwares take care of many problems in your pharmacy. A specialized software program can be perfect for a store because it can help it run better and save money simultaneously. So, have a look at the software and choose the best one for your Medical Store!


1. Can I manage Controlled Drugs in the Software?

The government controls the sale of controlled drugs, and medical stores must record the name of the person getting the drug and the name of the doctor who gave it to them. Medical store software makes it easy to put "control" on drugs. You can set the name of the patient and a copy of the doctor's prescription on these drugs when you sell them.

2. Can I make a Purchase order According to Sales & Inventory Levels of Medicines?

The purchase order is significant for medical stores. With software for a medical store, you can make purchase orders based on sales and the number of medicines in stock.

3. If I Expand My Business, Will the Software Handle Multi-Store Medical store business?

You need to ask this question if you want to grow your business. Good medical store software should provide consolidated information of all outlets at the head office.

4. What are the requirements for a medical store management system?

Among the requirements, there should be Real-time information about what is in stock and when a patient-specific medication is ordered, checked, and sent out. Keeping track of stock in more than one place is necessary. Being able to automate the process of ordering a lot of medications should be a requirement.

5. How important is the medical store database?

The medicines in a medical store can be found and located with the help of a database management system for a medical store. If a customer needs a cough elixir, the pharmacist can use the database on their computer to find it.

Decide with confidence.

You must conduct thorough research and read user reviews to choose the best software for your needs. So, take a look at our website to understand better!

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