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Knowlarity SmartIVR

Automating business communication with AI-enabled cloud telephony



Knowlarity is the leading supplier of cloud-based communications solutions to businesses in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Knowlarity was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Singapore. In 2009, Knowlarity pioneered a novel cloud communication technology for Asian and Middle Eastern markets, and it now has over 15,000 paying business customers in these regions. It uses its proprietary customer communication technology platform SuperReceptionist to help businesses grow their revenue faster.

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Web Interface, Mobile App, 128 Bit Security, Unified Management, Blacklisting, Welcome Greeting, Programmable Extensions


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What is a cloud telephony system?
A cloud telephony system is a software-based telephone system that allows you to make and receive calls using your computer or mobile device. Cloud telephony systems are an excellent choice for small businesses for professional-grade voice services at an affordable price.
What is the benefit of Cloud telephony & IVR system?
Some common benefits of Cloud Telephony & IVR systems are cost-effectiveness, scalability, customisation, and professional-grade voice services. These are known to improve your calling flexibility and ease of usage too.
What are the features to look for in Cloud telephony & IVR systems?
The must-have features of a good cloud telephony and IVR system are caller ID, caller ID blocking, and call forwarding. Check for these features in the first place, whenever you look for a cloud telephony software for your business.
How to evaluate Cloud telephony & IVR system?
Compare the features, cost, and customer support when evaluating any cloud telephony and IVR system. Apart from these, you can also check the previous and existing customer reviews to understand the software’s actual performance.

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