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Marg ERP (MR Repoting)

Automate your field force with location intelligence using the best MR Reporting Software

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Company Details

Overview of Marg ERP (MR Repoting)

Marg MR software helps managing a team of medical sales representatives. They keep track of healthcare appointments, product pitches, and spending. It automates reporting, saving representatives time and assuring accurate data for more effective sales insights.

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Marg ERP (MR Repoting) Key Features

Description of Marg ERP (MR Repoting)

Marg MR Reporting software solves a normal pharmaceutical company challenge: controlling and reporting the actions of medical representatives (MRs). The system serves as a single center, allowing MRs to electronically record facts regarding their daily calls with doctors, such as product presentations, sample distribution, and comments received. It streamlines processes such as doctor information management and expenditure reporting.

By automating these operations, Marg MR saves MRs time and reduces mistakes associated with human data entry. This results in more accurate and dependable data for pharmaceutical businesses. Managers benefit from real-time reporting tools, which provide immediate insights into sales activity, allowing for faster decision-making and stronger sales tactics. Marg MR software goes beyond conventional reporting to provide capabilities like as territory-specific sales analysis and lead tracking, allowing businesses to improve their field force operations.

Specifications of Marg ERP (MR Repoting)

DeploymentCloud Based

PaymentYearly, Monthly Monthly, Yearly

Language Sppport



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Company Details of Marg ERP (MR Repoting)

Company NameMarg MR Reporting SoftwareWebsite India

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Marg ERP (MR Repoting) FAQs

Who are the main user group of Marg ERP?

The user group of Marg ERP are :Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, Enterprises, SMBs, SMEs.

How much does Marg ERP cost?

Marg ERP has 1 plan.

Is Marg ERP an online or a offline?

Marg ERP is Online Software.
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