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Pharma Visual Aid

MR Reporting Software & App.

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Overview of Pharma Visual Aid

Pharma Visual Aid is the best MR Reporting Software. The GEO Location Tracker-equipped Pharma MR Reporting Software & App completely transforms the way Medical Representatives (MRs) work. MRs can now easily submit their Daily Call Reports online and trace their locations at the same time thanks to this cutting-edge solution. It provides unmatched efficiency, guaranteeing quick and accurate reporting and boosting accountability and openness. It maximizes resource allocation and route planning by including real-time location tracking, increasing MR productivity. This innovative technology improves field agent-to-headquarters communication, expedites MR tasks, and boosts pharmaceutical sales operations efficacy with its user-friendly interfaces and feature-rich functionality.

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DeploymentCloud Based

PaymentYearly, Monthly, Onetime Monthly, Yearly

Language Sppport



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Company NamePharma Visual AidWebsite

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Pharma Visual Aid FAQs

How much does Pharma Visual Aid cost?

Pharma Visual Aid has 1 plans.

What pricing model does Pharma Visual Aid support?

Pharma Visual Aid pricing model : Onetime(Perpetual License)

Is Pharma Visual Aid is online or offline?

Pharma Visual Aid is Online Software.
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