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IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy provides extensive capabilities to effectively mask sensitive data across non-production environments, such as development, testing, QA or training. To protect confidential data this single offering provides a variety of transformation techniques that substitute sensitive information with realistic, fully functional masked data. Examples of the masking techniques include substrings, arithmetic expressions, random or sequential number generation, date aging, and concatenation. The contextually accurate masking capabilities help masked data retain a similar format to the original information.

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Saaspass Identity & Access Solution

Full-Stack Identity & Access Management Solution

SAASPASS manages user identities and allows them to navigate those identities access applications, sites and services. Users may organize and implement identities within the SAASPASS mobile app, while admins manage and coordinate authorization mechanisms and privileges access multiple enterprise services and applications. Identity Management engages many components: entities, their authentication, their authorization and their privileges across a system. Identity Management liaises between identities and their services providers-- maintaining identity information and relaying it to providers upon request.

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AirDroid Business

Innovative mobile device management solutions

AirDroid is a that helps in maintaining the stability of android phone endpoints and assists in bringing continuity to the working of every mobile. In other words, it helps in transforming the management of your Android mobile devices.

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Esper Android Device Manaement

Enterprise dedicated device management software

Esper Android Device Management is a comprehensive solution built for Startups, SMBs, SMEs, and Agencies. This Web-Based application has a simple UI and is straightforward to use. Esper Android Device Management is compatible with Mobile and delivers end-to-end solutions for Android operating systems. Esper Android Device Management (MDM) Software aids in Device Management, Kiosk Mode, Compatibility with 99% of Android builds, and CI/CD Automated Pipelines for App. Configuration Deployment, Custom Device Emulators, Virtual Device Lab, and Secure Remote Debugging are also aided by it.

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Scalefusion is a leading Mobile Device & Endpoint Management software

Scalefusion is a full-service platform designed for Startups, SMBs, SMEs, and Agencies. This Web-Based application has a simple interface and is simple to use. Scalefusion offers end-to-end solutions for Windows, Android, and is compatible with Desktop and Mobile. Simplified Enrollment, Device Management, Security, and Application Management are all aided by Scalefusion Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software. It also helps with Content Management, Safe Browsing, Location Tracking, and Team Communication.

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Microsoft Intune

Built for everything you do, anywhere you do it

Microsoft 365 empowers individuals and organizations to transform their ideas into tangible realities. With a comprehensive suite of powerful productivity tools and cloud-based applications, Microsoft 365 ensures seamless collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Whether it's crafting compelling documents in Word, creating dynamic presentations in PowerPoint, managing data and insights in Excel, or staying connected through Outlook, Microsoft 365 provides the tools needed to unleash productivity potential. Moreover, with robust security features and constant updates, Microsoft 365 safeguards digital environments, allowing users to stay safer online and offline. By enabling users to focus on what truly matters, Microsoft 365 enhances efficiency, effectiveness, and success in every endeavor.

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We support all major operating systems

Miradore is a comprehensive platform that empowers users to manage their devices more intelligently. With a focus on Android, Apple, and Windows devices, Miradore offers a wide range of features designed to streamline device management processes. From device enrollment and configuration to application and content management, Miradore provides a single, user-friendly platform for efficient device administration. With its intuitive interface and straightforward setup, users can quickly get started with Miradore, saving time and effort. By centralizing device management tasks, Miradore enables organizations to enhance productivity, optimize resources, and ensure a seamless user experience across their device ecosystem.

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Try Seamless Device Management with SureMDM

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, mobile devices have emerged as the primary tool for productivity, gradually replacing traditional desktop setups. Moreover, companies are embracing cloud infrastructure, enabling employees to access critical applications, corporate data, and resources from any location and device. This transition to cloud-based solutions has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering unparalleled mobility and flexibility. Employees can now collaborate seamlessly, work remotely, and respond swiftly to changing demands, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. The combination of mobile devices and cloud technology has unlocked new opportunities, empowering organizations to adapt to the dynamic nature of the modern business world and stay ahead in a competitive market.

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KocharTech DeviceMax

Self Care Solutions

DeviceMax MDM, is a comprehensive solution for enterprises, to remotely monitor, control, and manage workforce , to reduced support costs and business risks. Protect corporate data on devices used by employees, be it smartphone or tablet. The solution allows enterprise(s) to manage mobility needs easily and effectively to maximize ROI, minimize risk and capitalize on all that mobility offers. The solution offers end to end managed mobility solutions which include device management, learning management solutions, testing and user experience management framework and retail solutions.

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Seqrite mSuite

Best Enterprise Security Solutions

SEQRITE, the Enterprise Security brand of Quick Heal, offers a wide range of advanced cybersecurity solutions designed to proactively protect the IT assets of businesses. With a focus on proactive defense, SEQRITE's enterprise security tools and state-of-the-art solutions help businesses safeguard their systems against cyber-attacks. These solutions not only provide protection but also ensure compliance with regulatory and compliance frameworks, helping organizations meet industry standards and maintain data security. SEQRITE's enterprise security services go beyond traditional protection measures and include governance and risk assessments, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Incident Response, and managed cybersecurity services. These comprehensive services enable businesses to assess risks, respond effectively to incidents, and leverage expert support for managing cybersecurity.

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