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Top 5 Payroll Processing Software Picks for Small Businesses in 2023

Top 5 Payroll Processing Software Picks for Small Businesses in 2023
Sruthi V Content Specialist
Reading Time: 5 mins
Published: January 12, 2023
Last Updated: May 30, 2024

Payroll is an essential part of every business. However, it may be difficult to pick from the several Payroll Processing Software available in the market. In reality, top payroll software suiting your business requirements depends on several aspects and variables. Before diving into the best payroll processing software for small businesses in India in 2023, let’s quickly recap the workings of payroll software.

Payroll Processing Software – What does it do?

A payroll is a business software that assists businesses in managing their payroll. Payroll software controls employee benefits and taxes, as well as tracking employee hours and compensation. It can also aid in the automation of other areas of payroll, such as the generation of tax forms and communication with state agencies and the IRS.

The program can be deployed within your company’s premises through on-premise solutions or can be used as a cloud-based system. It usually comes with user manuals and training to assist companies to get up and running fast. 

5 Best Payroll Processing Software for Small Businesses in 2023!

We’re making things easy for you by putting up the 5 best payroll processing software in India for small businesses in 2023. Have a look: 

EliteHRMS - Best Overall Payroll Management Software 

EliteHRMS is a thorough payroll and HRMS that aids companies in efficiently and promptly managing their staff and their data. The system has been tried in many different industries, including manufacturing, IT/ITES, and the food and beverage industry, and is found to be an effective choice for payroll operations.

The system is intended to help an organization manage the many tasks involved in managing workers’ payroll operations like their benefits, deductions based on attendance, and more. The solution’s main goal is to minimally or completely integrate with the relevant industries. It offers full HR and payroll operations that are very cost-effective for the business. 


  • EliteHRMS is a full-featured HR & payroll solution, with its interface being quite easy to understand and use.  
  • It provides effective integration with third-party applications whenever needed while running smoothly.

Keka - Best Cloud-based Payroll Processing Software 

Keka is a cloud-based program that assists you in efficiently managing all payroll procedures. It also serves as a full HR management software, and small and medium-sized enterprises may utilize it to optimize their HR procedures.

It enables you to manage payroll calculations, and other business procedures with simplicity by giving all of the functionality required to automate your company processes. Using Keka’s mobile app function, you can effortlessly deliver wage slips to employees via SMS, email, or the app.


  • Keka has a function that allows crucial files to be readily uploaded and accessed.
  • It can interact with third-party programs to correctly track employees’ time on projects without requiring them to manually clock in and leave.

Saral Paypack - Best Payroll Processing Software with Self-service Portals 

Saral Paypack is yet another cloud-based payroll software solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Many of the procedures involved in payroll and HR management are automated by this payroll software.

You can use the program to handle employee data such as payment details and deductions, as well as other information such as tax status, balance leaves, and so on. Saral PayPack’s security precautions ensure that sensitive customer data is kept secure.


  • The payroll application computes each employee’s wages automatically.
  • Saral Paypack software is easy to use.
  • It comes with self-service portals to simplify operations for your employees.

Zoho Payroll - Best User-friendly Payroll Software

Zoho Payroll is also cloud-based and assists you in managing payroll and tax compliance for your employees. The Zoho Payroll user interface is straightforward and straightforward. This leading payroll software’s payroll calculator does all calculations automatically and quickly. 

It is simple to establish an infinite number of employee profiles, add different occupations and pay rates, manage attendance using attendance cards, compute taxes payable on salary, make payslips, and print checks.


  • The user interface is simple to use and is intuitive.
  • Tax deductions and exemptions are automatically calculated.
  • Prints pay stubs and checks 

247HRM - Payroll Processing Software with Best Customer Support 

247HRM is an all-in-one package for your company’s HR and payroll solution. It streamlines HR activities like time tracking, performance evaluation, and payroll management—among other things. It gives you more control over your company and allows you to manage your personnel more effectively.

The program offers a uniform dashboard from which you can examine the company’s complete database in real-time. It allows for an infinite number of users, multiple languages, various currencies, and different company profiles with varied tax rates, making it suitable for both small and large firms.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Outstanding client service

Wrapping it Up! 

If you live in India and own a small business, you should think about how effectively the software interfaces with other areas of your company’s operations and how fast it can adapt to changing legislation or new features in your sector, when choosing your payroll processing software. Or, you can simply get in touch with us to find the best match for your business requirements!

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