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Top Advantages of MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industry

Top Advantages of MR Reporting Software for Pharma Industry
Sruthi V Content Specialist
Reading Time: 5 mins
Published: December 26, 2022
Last Updated: June 20, 2024

MR reporting software is an automated solution for the client and sales management of the pharma industry. On proper usage, every pharmacy can benefit from this software in numerous ways. We have sorted some common and most useful advantages of MR reporting software for every pharmacy.

Advantages of MR Reporting Software

MR reporting software simplifies the process of communication and record tracks in a pharmacy. Geo locations, live tracking, and several other state-of-the-art features provide numerous advantages to the industry, leading to an enormous increase in sales and efficiency. Have a look:


When talking about the management operations from MR reporting software, we have several directions to discuss. Let’s get to them here.

Order Management

Several vendors providing MR reporting software have different modules and features to track the orders related to a pharmacy. Here, the users can track records like pending orders, bill statuses, executed transactions, pending transactions, expected deliveries, and a lot more. Reports suggest that efficient MR reporting software can successfully handle around 70-80 percent of your pharmacy’s orders.

Sales Management

MR reporting software lets its users integrate their primary and secondary sales. You can also track your inventory reports and compare them with the sales whenever needed. There is a clear balance of records at every stage. So, the users can easily track the orders and sales by going through different reports generated by the software. This will help you stay on track with all your orders and quickly stock things up.

Cost Management

As mentioned above, MR reporting software automates the entire system and provides several additional features to help run your pharmacy. It eliminates all the paperwork and replaces it with online records and bills. Since everything is recorded online, the organizational hierarchy can scrutinize intricate transactions and understand the possible areas where the money is squandered. Snubbing such areas and pinpointing all the vulnerabilities lets them make rational decisions and reduce overall costs.

MR Reporting


Any medical representative reflects their company before the clients. Automating the entire system of the pharmacy’s sales is an excellent way to update and track necessary information instantly. When we talk about the tracking operations of MR reporting software, we need to know the sales and clients’ tracking. Here’s the thing –

Client Tracking

Pharmaceutical companies usually send their representatives to different clients to sell their products. So, each medical representative is assigned specific tasks and targets at regular intervals. However, the field manager has to know the progress of each client to understand the required tasks. MR reporting organizes the entire list and provides different options to update the progress after every visit. With this information, a manager can decide on further proceedings instantly and things are pretty quick.

Sales Tracking

Generally, the reports of primary and secondary sales are recorded on a weekly or monthly basis. However, you can do the same thing in minutes through MR software. Here, the personnel can update all the necessary information at any time and every record is accessible at their fingertips. So, the pharmacy management has hands-on information about the stocks and clients’ requirements. Moreover, the software generates sales and stock reports to meet the requirements on time.

Accounting and Expenses

MR reporting software has different features and modules to auto-generate the pharmacy’s expense statements. These records are generated based on the data fed into its systems. Using this data, the users can compare their claimed and approved expenses of the management. Calculations of the metrics like D.A., T.A., etc., are also automated based on this information. So, the entire accounting process and recording are quite easy for every pharmacy. There are lots of other Accounting software available in India that can cater to the individual needs of accounting.

Market Analysis

A crucial thing for every business is to understand the market scenario and the rivals. The pharmacy industry is no exemption from it. MR software provides an excellent feature to capture these reports. The feedback system available from this software provides valuable insights into the company’s future agenda. This information lets the pharmacy management understand if their customers are satisfied with the services and the areas where improvement is essential.

Delivery Cycles

Another advantage of MR software is delivery cycle management. The users can lay their hands on different reports and updates on the dashboard. The updated information posts instant requirements and proper stock management. Also, you can keep a track of the stock in the inventory to serve your clients quickly. If you use all the recorded information collectively, you can shorten your delivery cycle windows.


Reports are probably the most significant part of MR reporting software. Here, you can find different reports related to sales, orders, expenses, representatives’ efficiency, accounts, and a lot more. Every report provides in-depth and valuable insights related to your pharmacy’s functioning. Moreover, these reports are generated at regular intervals. Analyzing these will give you abundant information about your sales and vulnerabilities. You can also figure out the performance over time by comparing the present and previous reports. This will help rationalize the decisions and take necessary actions.

Wrapping it Up!

Several other benefits like geo-tracking, quick collections, different dashboards, product portfolios, etc., are also a part of MR reporting software. Proper usage of these modules can help boost the pharmacy’s sales significantly. Looking for the best MR Reporting software vendor to manage your business? Check out our buyers’ guide and vendors listed on our website to pick the best option to accommodate your store’s requirements at convenient pricing.

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