Top FREE Accounting Softwares for Small Business in India

Top FREE Accounting Softwares for Small Business in India
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Published: January 5, 2023
Last Updated: July 15, 2024
  • Why Use Accounting Software for Small Businesses?
  • Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses in India

Accounting software maintains a record of all the accounts related to your business. This tool handles everything, including payroll processing, general ledger maintenance, payment tracking, and bookkeeping. Additionally, the best accounting software aids in the analysis of your company’s finances overall and cash flow in real time.

The term “bookkeeping software” is also used to describe this automated application. You may discover several sorts of accounting software to manage all the financial data depending on the nature and size of your business. These processes are substantially simplified by modern accounting software systems, which also offer a smooth way to review the data at any moment. 

Why Use Accounting Software for Small Businesses?

Earlier, business owners used to hire accountants to balance their accounts. Considering the growing market scenarios and business expansions, it is a daunting task for a single person to take care of it all. So, the accounting software would be an ideal choice.

Talking of small businesses, they run the verticals with several budget constraints. More or less, the owners are forced to look for cheaper and free alternatives for the same. Several vendors provide free accounting software for small business owners for – 

  • To help balance their business within their budget limits
  • To help understand how the software works 

If you are looking for free accounting software in India, you can consider the following:

Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses in India

Not every accounting software can fulfill your business needs. From manual bookkeeping to e-accounting, there is indeed a significant evolution in accounting systems. Keeping up with the market fluctuations and needs, the following software vendors provide the FREE accounting software for small businesses in India right now.

Note that all the vendors listed below don’t offer their entire suit for free. Some vendors provide free trials for a limited duration (say 30 days or so) and others provide free software packages covering limited features.

1. Tally - Overall Perfect Accounting Software

Tally has been the most used and well-known accounting software in India for more than a decade. It comes in both cloud-based and desktop versions, letting business owners choose the version at convenience.


  • Higher acceptability 
  • Works well for large-scale transactions 
  • Easy-to-understand user interface 

Tally hosts several users and has slightly higher price margins in all the packages. However, you can give it a try, considering its functionality and flexibility. This software comes with single and multi-user versions too.

2. Zoho Books - Best Customer Support

Zoho Books is most buyers’ go-to solution for their accounting needs owing to its tax compliance and automation abilities. Zoho, a multinational firm with operations across the middle-east provides this software for businesses. 


  • Flexible access 
  • Reasonable packages 
  • Excellent customer support 

Zoho books cover most features of general accounting software that a small business owner would need. It comes with confusing work patterns and might be a little confusing for Indian accountants. However, the vendor’s excellent customer support covers up for it. 

3. Realbooks - Report-based FREE Accounting Software

Realbooks is one scalable accounting software for India in 2022. This service provider presents different features alongside its business intelligence system. Users get to access multiple dashboards and make use of several modules to update their accounts. 


  • Cloud-based access 
  • Consolidated reports 
  • Enhanced productivity 

Realbooks is a perfect choice for small businesses at the moment. It comes with different features that would enhance the accounts’ management and help us understand them better.

4. Quickbooks - Accounting Software with various Specific Modules

Another accounting software that matches the current market trends in India is Quickbooks. This software has several specific modules to import necessary information from the owner’s bank accounts and segregate the same into different accounts. 


  • Flexible access 
  • Convenient customer support 
  • Numerous features 

The Indian version is only available online at the moment. So, this software would work only for small businesses matching this requirement. However, the extensive features from this vendor cover up for it, making Quickbooks a perfect choice for small business owners.

5.Marg - Accounting Software with GST Billing

Marg is another famous accounting and inventory-based software in India. This tool is widely used in sectors like jewelry, pharmacy, etc. However, it can cater to the accounting needs of any business at the moment. There’s a special license for practicing CAs opting for Marg software. It provides different mobile applications too.


  • Easy to use 
  • Free demo sessions 
  • GST billing and returns

So, if you are specifically looking for GST software for small business, Marg would perfectly match the requirement. Most users find Marg’s packages a little pricey, but the features and their after-sales services make it worth the investment. 

Wrapping it Up! 

Business owners can find several vendors providing accounting software for free in India. However, as we’ve mentioned above, every software cannot fulfill your business requirements. Factors like customization, usage flexibility, pricing, etc., can help sort the suitable options. Check out our Buyers’ Guide for Accounting Software to understand the software better and find the best match! If you have any questions about choosing accounting software for your small business, feel free to reach out to us.

Decide with confidence.

You must conduct thorough research and read user reviews to choose the best software for your needs. So, take a look at our website to understand better!