How IVR Solutions Improve Your Business Productivity and Reduce Costs

How IVR Solutions Improve Your Business Productivity and Reduce Costs
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Published: March 22, 2023
Last Updated: July 21, 2024
  • Personalized Interactions

We have several software modules to manage businesses. The contact center is an important one among them. That immediately reminds us of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to manage this wing.

Any department in a company always looks for ways to reduce overall costs without compromising productivity. It is a daunting task for every management to reduce the firm’s operational costs while meeting their customer’s requirements.

So, here’s how the IVR systems help in reducing operational costs and improve your productivity along with customer services:

IVR Solutions

Personalized Interactions

Well, just because everything is automatic, doesn’t mean you have to stick to it! Modern IVF systems provide an option to personalize some messages and converts software actions with your customers. You can add your touch to these communications before the customers are connected to live callers. This is one way of attracting and creating a good impression on people who are bored of routine messages. Later, your live agent will anyway take over the textual or voice communication if the customer needs further information.

Routing based on Skills

The most common reason for losing a customer or a decrease in productivity is not knowing whom to rely upon. Your company might have the best people onboard but there is no use if the customers are not directed to the appropriate person. One core reason for switching to IVR systems is the skill-based routing of different callers. Here, callers are directed to the right person who can deal with the issue efficiently. Here’s how –

Generally, the callers are directed to the immediately available agent. If they have no proper information required to solve the customer’s problem, you have to keep them on hold again. Here, the call becomes lengthy. There are maximum chances of the customer getting irritated and losing the impression of your services. However, the IVF systems efficiently direct callers to the appropriate agent who can solve their query without this hassle.

Call Resolution Rates

Modern IVR systems come speech-enabled. These systems help every customer perform their transactions themselves. They can also get basic information related to a company’s services and products. Here, you can enjoy the following benefits –

  • The chances of call drops and missed customer calls are almost zero.
  • These self-service solutions fetch higher first-call resolution rates.

Analyzing the whole picture says that your customer doesn’t have to wait for long to know immediate information related to their activities. Also, since the self-service systems are efficient, you don’t have to hire new people to manage these first calls. So, there is an improvement in customer satisfaction and a considerable reduction in operational costs.

Inbound Call Capacity

Another significant advantage for businesses from these IVR systems is their call volume. These systems help handle higher call volumes through different features and techniques. As mentioned above, the calls are diverted to the best department that can tackle the issue. So, the issues are resolved quickly, efficiently, and effectively. This also has an impact on the customer’s waiting time. Analytics suggests that the waiting time is relatively shorter and the clients are more satisfied when using these systems.

Cost Efficiency

We’ve already discussed how the IVR systems reduce manpower requirements. Several jobs like intermediary support agents, receptionists, etc., are no longer necessary to route the calls to appropriate agents. So, there is no scope for human errors here. Also, if you want to scale up your IVR system owing to increased customers, you don’t have to worry about significant costs. They are pretty much reasonable and cost-effective. The IVR systems improve your operational efficiency while keeping your costs low.

These are some reasons why IVR systems can cut your operational costs and improve your productivity. Here, you can also see how they can help improve your customer service too!

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